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The Galactic Visitor, the adventure unfolds...

The Galactic Visitor

…is a crystal that when delivered into my hands in November 2010, was said to have come from another planet. I didn't question it's origin, as much as I was curious about the reason why it was delivered to my care, and for however long it needed to be. The main answer wasn't given until 3 weeks after it was with me, and had laid dormant like any other ordinary rock around my house. Until, one morning, I was given the message that it needed to make an appearance at the Sunday meditation circle, held at a dear friend's home that my husband and I was to attend. Upon our arrival I let my friend Barbara know that I wanted to introduce a new visitor into the circle. Everyone was delighted to see our new galactic visitor. Barbara asked that we hold the presence of this visitor during our meditation and see what it may message to any or all of us.

After, the meditation, one of the group members describe seeing a visual of the crystal and myself on the top of our mountain, Maunakea doing a sacred ceremonial blessing.

Two days later, I received a message to ask my astrology friend AnaCarol for any visions or reports for a sacred date & time for my taking the galactic crystal to Maunakea. Her reply confirmed having had the same vision and an astrology report, defining a date & time of JANUARY 4th, at 11:14 am as being the TRUE New Year. According to the Melelani messages, she works with; the timing is the First new moon after the winter solstice. This day combines the energy of VISIONS FOR NEW CREATIONS in both the Solar and Lunar Cycles. The first day of the new moon is a YANG - VISUALIZATION day, and the 2nd day is a YIN - ACTION /PROCESS day. The 11:14 time re-enforces the moon cycle with a Mid-Heaven (the top of the chart - Soul desire) at almost 28 Sagittarius, the point of the Galactic Center with higher frequencies for EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS vibration to bring into earth.

Added to this powerful timing is the North Node (Dragonhead) of Dharma - (Walk Your Vision) and PLUTO (transformation) are in the 10th house of CONCEPTION almost on this Mid heaven point. The Sun, Moon & Mars are also at later degrees of this 10th house, adding to the energy to both CONCEIVE AND MANAGE THE NEW CREATION. Uranus & Jupiter are conjunct in Pisces are at the same degree as the Ascendant, meaning they will be rising from the east at the time of planting of the crystal, giving it the physical assignment of AWAKENING & TEACHING. They are in an assistance aspect from a powerful TRANS FORMATIVE Venus which is both in Scorpio and in it's 8th house. This pulls in the higher aspect of Venus as the healing priestess to put together the shattered consciousness of humanity. The Isis & Osiris myth is a metaphor for this transformation healing of humanity. Osiris = shattered humanity, like Humpty Dumpty.

AnaCarol, says that the healing priestess fits the role she saw me in when she did my personal chart some months ago. (hmmm, I guess if someone has to do this, it may as well be me, although I'm not looking forward to being in snow on top of Mauanakea in January). It’s powerfully cold on our mountain, and is the only mountain, and highest point in Polynesia and our pacific ocean with snow in the tropics! Such is this healing island of “fire & ice,” and with over 27 climatic conditions, o’boy!

This astro-timing also made mention that the first house is the point of JOY, meaning JOY will be coming over the ascendant (birthing) during the first moments of the ceremony, along with AWAKENING & EXPANSION OF MIND. This so aligns with the ancient hawaiian spiritual teachings found in the concepts of "HO'OPONO PONO KE ALA." (see

At this time, the galactic visitor is on mission in Kona and in the care of my friend Melainah, a light worker crystal and dolphin whale person. The crystal will energize with the dolphins, and the birthing whales, and also with a fire crystal planted on the ocean bottom by Melainah, her husband & their group in a ceremony done some years ago.

I'm amazed by our visiting crystal whose messages have been very clear, & without the use of voice and words; clearly it communicates through the very first form of communication - mental telepathy, or simply energetically, & synchronicities; it works! Will write more as the adventures continues..

News Update!! January 4th date for our Galactic Visitor is not happening. The date is the opportune time for humans to take a moment or more to “seed, seat, or re-set,” their creativeness, and heightened awareness from where ever one chooses to be. The change in the Crystal’s path does not change nor affect the alignments on Earth or in the Universe for creations, expansions, etc.

For our galactic crystal, Maunakea is instrumental to it’s mission. Maunakea is of an island known as the “healing island,” and from a culture, and ancestors rooted in Aloha, and the tallest island mountain in the world, It is also the first born of the island, and the oldest geological child. The Crystal wishes to convey the love and energy of other planets and solar system to Mother Earth and to clearly understand what Mother Earth wishes from the other spirit beings during her time of transition. It also wishes to hear about the true history of earth from her (mother earth’s) point of view. Maunakea as her eldest child and spokes person can convey that information to the Crystal.

So, at a future date, the crystal will be taken to the top of Maunakea for a quiet communication.

Meanwhile, to the human race, it wishes to convey the following information regarding March 11th. It is the gestation and re-birthing process that mother earth may be going through during the next year of two of transition; then February (Pisces) are the energy of Gestation and March would be just after the spring birth equinox.

New Year’s Day, January 1st

The day was unfolding perfectly during our time on mission with our Galactic Crystal in Kona on the boat traveling to the area where a fire crystal was planted on the bottom of the ocean in 2006 by a light workers group led by my friend Melainah and her husband, China Mike. China took the Galactic Crystal into the water and all the way down to the bottom of the ocean, while the whales made their presence known by swimming close by. Mike said when he got to the sandy bottom, he received the message that the crystal wanted to have the sand over it. So, Mike quickly buried it while still holding his breath, then picked it up to swim quickly to the surface, and as he did, most of the sand fell away. When he placed the crystal on the boat, there was some sand still in a crevice and it just seemed like the crystal was purposely holding on to this bit of sand. Interesting that the message that I received was that this bit of sand held the Lumerian energies from a timeless past and that it needed to accompany the crystal to Maunakea, so it would have the physical link to it’s origin.

Being present for this adventurous experience with the Galactic Crystal just added more to our expanded awareness and a great reminder of the new shift, the portal that is open for all to experience the new “expanded consciousness of the new earth age.” It is about leaving the old patterns & beliefs behind, and replacing it with the new awareness in order to create and navigate into the new realities that one chooses to experience or NOT. It is about being in your own skin, your own greatness; in your best attire w/out the old judgments of self-victimization, creating a reality that you’re done with. And it is about divine truth, knowing that you’re IT, the IT of whatever IT is that you choose to be, and not about anyone else’s “stuff,” to excuse you from your best.

Update, January 10, 2011
In travels about with the Galactic Crystal, it’s been noticed how quickly it’s energies links with others including natural sources to respond in unnatural behaviors to bring attention to it’s messaging or manifestations. Here are some energetic episodes…Sitting on the lanai with the Crystal, enjoying the beautiful morning with Melainah and overlooking the panoramic view of the ocean, I happen to say to her as I lightly touched the crystal that I was a bit disappointed that it hadn’t brought forth any new messages, since yesterday as I expected it would, since I felt there was much more to download…
When suddenly a group of 20 mynah birds flew in and crowded themselves at the corner edge of her pool, along with another group of 20+ flying in above and grouped together on her roof, and all were chattering wildly with each other and looking towards us and chattering at us. We were shocked by this very unnatural behavior. Mynah birds can be loud and very noisy, but usually keep themselves in the trees while wildly chattering. Neither of us have ever experienced them to behave in ways to attract human attention, and in particular, Melainah’s two very territorial dogs, and a cat were present on the lanai with us. Amazingly, her animals remained puzzled and semi-frozen in their places. And the birds continued until they felt satisfied that their message was delivered, and they left in groups of three’s, while those waiting to fly away, still chatted in our direction only softer. Mynah birds are of the crow family, known messengers.

Star Trek IV, the movie…
Although I don’t consider myself a “Trekie or Sci-fi” type person, and not a great fan of William Shatner, I had wanted to see this movie (produced in ’86) because it was about the saving of the whales & transporting two whales in the 23rd century. I wanted to see how they were able to carry out such a storyline to begin with, not withstanding my empathy & resonance with our beautiful Kohola - whales.
Anyways, on my last day of visit with Melainah, I mentioned the movie, and wondered if it was available and she said yes, cause she ordered it from Ok, I said and that I’ll be sure to order it when I get home. The next day, Uncle and I are in the lobby of the doctor’s office and the first magazine I pick up is a DVd catalog and it listed the movie available for ordering. Unbelievable, I say & quick! And I also got to see it from Net Flix. I really recommend having this movie in your collection.

The Blue Crystal…
It was a beautiful spiritually- orchestrated star-filled evening, sitting on the pool deck at Beverly’s house around a warm fire with a group of seven women and the crystal, along with other personal crystals. Four of the women were visiting from Germany, and we were all sharing in their time here, and having what could be lovingly referred to, as a Crystal séance, when the conversation included a message from a spirit guide for one of the women named Claudia. The guide insisted that Claudia needed to get a blue crystal to help link her to her guide, and to the energies of “manifestations.” Everyone in the group wasn’t familiar with such a crystal with blue coloring. Finally, the guide said, not to worry, she will have it for her. After the evening ended, I mentioned to my friend AnaCarol that the Crystal needed to go home with her. She took it and placed it on the table with all her other crystals. The next morning she was told to check the crystals, and lo and behold, amongst her crystals was a blue crystal. It was not one she ever had in her collection of crystals, and her mind tried desperately to link to some logic…hmmm. Not to question, but with new “expanded awareness,” one gives gratitude and welcomes the “link up.”

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