Sunday, August 19, 2007

August 19, 2007...another Pono Day!!

Today, another Pono day!! And Kamo'i and I feel extra blessed because the recent earthquake in Kalapana caused no damages of any kind upon us, altho' it did some on a few of our friends. Also Hurricane Flossie didn't happen, and was thankfully down graded when it came upon our Puna coastline. Yahoo!! I kina figa that Flossie was no match for our volcano goddess Pele and her 'Ohana. Come to think of it, I really wonder when was the last time if ever that a Hurricane really hit full force along our Puna coastline; scientifically speaking, we are shielded by two huge sister mountains, Mauna loa, and Mauna kea that causes their own currents of wind forces.